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    St. Francis SCC visits Grace Children’s home in Kahawa West

    On saturday 29th October 2016, members of St Francis Jumuia in Kenyatta University went for charity work at Grace Children's home in Kahawa West

    St. Dominic visits House of Mercy Children’s home for Charity work

    St Dominic members washing clothes while in our Charity work at house of mercy children's home.This young children really enjoyed my company and vice verse ..may God always make them spiritually strong and morally...

    St. Francis SCC after Mass Animation

    St.Francis of Assisi SCC from Kenyatta university just after mass animation earlier today. Our slogan is "St Francis-instruments of peace" and for sure we try to be instruments of peace wherever we are.

    Semester 1 2016 SCC’s Awards

    The semester is coming to the end soon and as usual there is SCCs competition and evaluation done and the best three are awarded out of the nine SCCS in KU that's st Ann,...

    SCC members Visiting one another

    Happy to see university students visiting one another weekly to share the word of God .. This is st Patrick family that belongs to st Dominic SCCS having their last gathering for this semester.

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